"We have started the preparation of the tennis courts for the new summer season lately," said operational and business manager Oto Majba. Small tennis court for children, tennis wall and also three courts with a Taraflex surface in the four stars Hotel Empire will be available for the players, coaches and all the people who love tennis


Member of TC EMPIRE Trnava Martin Blasko won all his matches in Trnava, including the singles final of EMPIRE Futures Trnava 2015. After winning the doubles on Saturday with Peter Vajda, he also won the singles trophy after beating Slovenian Tomislav Ternar 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. For Slovakian player, it is his first triumph in men’s tennis. 




Tennis complex TC EMPIRE Trnava is the most beautiful tennis complex in Slovakia, which contains 13 clay courts and 3 hard courts. TC EMPIRE has more than 160 players, 80 of then have valid registration cards and 9 of then are members of Slovak junior national teams. TC EMPIRE is the 3th most successful tennis club in Slovakia and our ambition is to be better and better.TC EMPIRE is the organizer of the langest women tournament is Slovakia - EMPIRE Slovak Open ( 75 000 USD ) and ITF men tournament category FUTURES ( 10 000 USD ).

Miloslav Grolmus, head coach of the club TC EMPIRE TRNAVA, is a former professional player. He spoke in the video of the DIGI Sport TV more about his duties in the club.


The Slovak Indoor Championship Boys and Girls U14 took place 11.-14.01.2014 in the Slávia Agrofert STU Bratislava and in the TK Slovan Bratislava. Our club TC EMPIRE had the multiple representation in the both of these categories. Viktor Bánczi was 1. seeded, Kevin Kurtin was 4. seeded. We cannot omit to mention another players: János Fekete, Adam Arbet, Matúš Rusnák, Michal Škoda.

The tennis club had also the multiple representation of our girls tennis players- Adriána Šenkárová (4. seeded), Lenka Stará (5. seeded), Klára Ondrejčeková a Nina Stankovská. 

We are glad to say Lenka Stará did not find any player on the tournament bracket who would defeat her. Lenka won the title of Slovak Indoor champion in 2014. Viktor Bánczi reached similar achivements to Lenka, however Viktor lost the match to David Čierny in the singles final when they were playing tiebreak. Kevin Kurtin won the title of the Slovak Indoor doubles champion standing by Samuel Puškar´s side in 2014


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