David Szintai talented, 17-years old tennis player from neighbouring country Hungary is training under a head coach Miloslav Grolmus´ and main junior coach´s tutelage (Kamil Čapkovič) also in the TC EMPIRE club by turns. He became Hungarian singles and doubles champion U18 last weekend! This is a great achievement for David because there are many talented Hungarian players who have reached top IFT Junior rankings. We appreciate also our club trainers who have done a good job during David´s training!  

A player of our Extra league women´s team only 15- years old  Dalma Galfi / ITF U18 142. / fought her way to the semi-final in the International Tennis Tournament ITF U18 21st Slovak Junior Indoor 2014  in Senec. She had a win over Slovak player Jana Jablonovska / Q /, over 4. seeded Czech player Simona Heinova and over Russian player n. 8 Anastasia Nefedova! Dalma lost the match to Slovak player Viktória Kužmova  5:7 4:6. We can say it was kind of dramatic match ever. Dalma was training also in our tennis club under experienced coach´s tutelage (Juraj Jančovič) during the summer season. We congrataulate on the great achievement!

Our tennis club representants managed to get the highly - renowned names of international and Slovak youth and senior tennis during the winter transfer season ( 10.10. - 10.11.2013 ) !

Seniors : Karin Morgošová who is ranked 373 of the world rankings WTA, Lenka Juríková who was ranked 197 of the world rankings and currently, she is ranked 526 ( because of her injury ), and Juraj Masár ( 632 of the ATP rankings ).

The youth : Klára Ondrejčeková ( she was placed first in 2001 ), János Fekete ( he was placed second in 2001 ), Barbora Kmošková ( she was placed fourth in U12 category ), Alexandra Lazárová ( she was placed fifth in 1998 ), Vladimír Kurek ( he was placed sixth in U18 category ), Michal Novanský ( he was placed seventh in U12 category ), Jakub Behúň ( he was placed eight in U18 category ).

Joining TC EMPIRE club on loan: Jozef Kovalík (338 of the ATP rankings )

We wish all of the players many achievements in the next season and believe they jeel good in our tennis club !

The well - experienced tennis coach has taken his position as a head coach of TC EMPIRE. His invaluable knowledge as both a player and a trainer would aid this tennis club in progressing both on the home and international scenes. We wish him to be successful as the newly appointed head coach !   

Former Slovak Davis Cup representative Kamil Čapkovič, the player placed 211 of the ATP world rankings officially became  a new coach in our club TC EMPIRE from 01.01.2014! He cooperates with a head coach Miloslav Grolmus. They are charge of the tennis players (U18) growth . Kamil is still an active professional player and he is a successful member of the Extra league men team of the TC EMPIRE. All of us believe that he will be of use to our young tennis players in their growth because of his tennis skills and his long-time experiences from the international tournaments of the ATP Challenger and Futures! We wish him many achievemnets as a trainer and also as a player!


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