Annualy, after the main tennis season, club rankings are made according to STU criterion. The club managed to defend its previous position, which finished in third place behind the Bratislava clubs of Slovan and STU. A positive outcome was, that we scored 1998 points, which is the highest point total. We would like to say thank you to all of the TC EMPIRE players that assisted im the succes of this highly ranked tennis club.      

The boys junior team TC EMPIRE was led by the treiner Juraj Jančovič consisted of Viktor Bánczi, Kevin Kurtin, Samuel Paulovčák, David Čierny, Adam Arbet, Matúš Rusnák and Michael Škoda became Slovak U14 champions. The boys did not hesitate during any of the three matches. It was fair that they became the greatest U14 team. They defeated Prievidza 5/2, TK Slovan Bratislava 5/2 in the semi-final and TJ Slávia Agrofert STU Bratislava 4/3 in the final match of the Slovak championship.We congratulate the entire team  on their great success at the Slovak youth tennis scene.   

The boys of TC EMPIRE under 18 consisted of Martin Blaško, Oliver Nagy, Patrik Cvik, Marcel Musil, Andrej Glváč were placed second in the Slovak team competition, and they won the silver medals for TC EMPIRE club.   

The slovak championship of girls junior teams took place from the 8th of September until the 10th of September 2013 in the tennis club of TC EMPIRE Trnava. None of the rival teams defeated our girls team, and it was fair that our U14 team won the Slovak championship in 2013. We beat TK Slavia Agrofert STU Bratislava 7/0, TK Baník Prievidza 6/1 and TK Slovan Bratislava 6/1 one by one. Girls namely Timea Pavličková, Adriana Šenkárová, Rea Moravcová, Karin Kožlejová, Lenka Stará, Natália Schwarzová and the captain Juraj Jančovič ( who does not play currently ) deserved a great congratulations for their performance and achieved victory. Thank you for the exemplary representation of TC EMPIRE club.    

The girls youth team consisted of Tamara Kupková, Sindy Kurtinová, Barbora Kotelesová, Linda Hercegová and Timea Pavličková defeated players  ( in the same age ) VSE TK Akademik Košice in the semi-final, they highly scored 6:1. They qualifield to the  final, but they were defeated by TK Slovan Bratislava team. Thus, making them the winners of the silver medal. Girls, congratulations !  And thank you for the great representation !   


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