The girls under 12 of TC EMPIRE, led by the coach Monika Kupková qualifield for the semi-final round in TK Kúpele Piešťany. TC EMPIRE U12 defeated girls  ( in the same age ) of TK Baník Prievidza, and scored 7:0. TC EMPIRE was then defeated by TK Slovan Bratislava. They scored 5:2. Our team was fighting hard and our girls outclassed the opponents  ( TK Slavia Agrofert STU Bratislava ).  They scored 7:0  and were ranked third in the rankings. The girls team won bronze medal ! Our players consisted of Natália Schwarzová, Nina Stankovská, Kristína Kozáková, Chiara Renáta Supak and Simona Krištofovičová demonstrated a great performance. So, congratulations ! We wish them all the best and further success towards their professional improvement!         


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