Member of TC EMPIRE Trnava Martin Blasko won all his matches in Trnava, including the singles final of EMPIRE Futures Trnava 2015. After winning the doubles on Saturday with Peter Vajda, he also won the singles trophy after beating Slovenian Tomislav Ternar 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. For Slovakian player, it is his first triumph in men’s tennis.  




For Blasko, final on Sunday was extremely difficult. He had to use all his energy to win this match. "Today it was good match from both sides. I lost the first set 3:6, I did number of easy errors. My opponent was much better. I was down 0-2 in the second, but I managed to improve my game. I said to myself, come on, it’s the final. In the third set, I was break up, leading 3-1. Balls were used and not so fast, so service was not deciding at that time. At 5-4 I made it after long game and very close out," commented Blasko on his final match in Trnava. Blasko won his first men’s title. Until now, he came closest in June 2015 in Slovenian Litija, where he played the final. "It is great feeling, but it needs time to understand what I achieved. I will not celebrate, there is no time. On Monday, I am leaving to Serbia for another tournament."

Crowd in TC EMPIRE Trnava supported home player Blasko, he had his friends in the stands. "I had my family, girlfriend, her family and my coaches. I did not expect everyone to come. I felt great, I felt like at home here. Tournament was fantastic, including the referees,"  added Blasko, who will be rewarded with 18 points into the ATP rankings.

Tomislav Ternar also fought for his first ITF title, but Slovenian did not succeed in the end. "My performance was pretty good, but I still need to improve in various aspects of my game. I need to get more consistency into my backhand, play more aggressively, go for points. Also need to improve my serve, sometimes I am stiffed and my first serve is not good enough. I have weaker second serve and my opponents use it to win points. Martin served better, his backhand was better, faster and more effective. Even though I was better from forehand, it was not enough," concluded Slovenian player, who has a week off and then he will play in Austria. 

The finalists of the EMPIRE Futures Trnava 2015 tournament (Photo: Marek Ciz,

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