The girls under 12 of TC EMPIRE, led by the coach Monika Kupková qualifield for the semi-final round in TK Kúpele Piešťany. TC EMPIRE U12 defeated girls  ( in the same age ) of TK Baník Prievidza, and scored 7:0. TC EMPIRE was then defeated by TK Slovan Bratislava. They scored 5:2. Our team was fighting hard and our girls outclassed the opponents  ( TK Slavia Agrofert STU Bratislava ).  They scored 7:0  and were ranked third in the rankings. The girls team won bronze medal ! Our players consisted of Natália Schwarzová, Nina Stankovská, Kristína Kozáková, Chiara Renáta Supak and Simona Krištofovičová demonstrated a great performance. So, congratulations ! We wish them all the best and further success towards their professional improvement!         

The boys became winners of the final Slovak national tournament of Kids Davis Cup with Foundation SPP 2013. It was the nineth year of that successful project. The boys deserved to win the championship title because of their hard work and determination. The winning team comprised of these players: Filip Žilkay Alfréd Almási Dávid Daniška David Schwarc Adrián Štancel The local and regional rounds of the Slovak national tournament preceded from the 4th until the 6th of October at the tennis centre. 150 of the boys and girls teams were registered in the National tournament. Twelve of the best teams proceeded to the National Tennis Centre. Three of the best teams proceeded from every region. Our team played in both the local and regional rounds without any difficulties. They proceeded from first place, which ensured them to compete in the quarterfinal. Slovan Bratislava and Mladosť Košice B (the winner) awaited for us in the quarterfinal. Slovan was delighted from their victory, and that the second best team was promoted. The boys entered into the competition with an excelent outcome. They did not give Slovan any chance to be successful during the match. TC Empire Trnava scored 4:1 after the singles and doubles at the beginning of the match. Then TC Empire met Mladosť Košice B which is the club that a dangerous player named Michalík. Filip triumphed at the duel and then we could see the match of Fredy and Michalík. Fredy demonstrated a great performance and the club increased its score 2:0. We were looking forward to the final against Jaslovské Bohunice, after the winning doubles. We had met Jaslovské Bohunice previously in the regional round. In my opinion, the Sunday final between Fredy and Peter Kučera brought the greatest match ever played in the tournament. The boys knew each other well because they played several matches this season against each other. They both demonstrated a great performance, during each match that was played. Fredy did not hesitate once again, and we scored a first very important point. Because of this, our club was able to achieve victory over Barcay. During the next match, Trnava scored a crucial point in doubles, when Peter Kučera a Palko Gula resisted Filip and Fredy. Finally Trnava achieved a hard-won victory when they scored 6:3, so we then we were able to begin celebration! Kučera defeated David Daniška (6:3) and Gula also defeated David Schwarc (6:1). So, the opponent changed the score 3:2. Miloslav Mečíř and Janetta Husárová took party in the final evaluation, and decorated the winners. It was an unforgettable experience for all of the children that attended the matches. I would like to say thank you to all of the players for the perfect representation of our tennis club, and also to all of the parents for their cooperation. It was a difficult way to achieve victory, but we did it together as a team. Now we are able to enjoy a magnificant success.

Vanda Vargova, TC EMPIRE Trnava member, being coached by Juraj Jančovič was unbeatable at TEJT 1 U1 The 24th Piestany Cup U14 in Piestany, where she reached her 5th singles title of the year.


The final tennis tuornament of boys U14 teams, in the second highest category, took place at the turn of August and September in TC Empire Trnava. The home players Adam Arbet and Chiara Renáta Supak enjoyed the victory. They both also won the doubles by Magdalena ´s and Kozáková ´s side.

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